Ja'Tovia Gary's "The Ecstatic Experience" Is a Must-See At The Whitney Museum

Ja'Tovia Gary is an accomplished artist and filmmaker. Her work covers a variety of topics including identity, race and gender, and how specific groups are portrayed in popular culture and media. Gary’s current short film on display at The Whitney, An Ecstatic Experience, is described by the artist as “a meditative invocation on transcendence as a means of restoration.”

Written by Maxine Williams

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Maxine Williams

How does the narrative change when the representatives of the art reflect the orientation of the artist, or understand the artists’ perspectives from an equilateral perspective? Renee Royale, curator and creator of Support Black Art, gives perspective on The Aesthetics of Matter, curated by Mickalene Thomas and Racquel Chevremont at Volta's 2018 Art Fair in NYC. 

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